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Mapping and GIS

Table 1: Contact information.
Contact Details
Karen Robbins, GIS Specialist (630) 434-5492
Ted Frauenfelder, GIS Technician (630) 434-6891
Zoning Questions, Community Development (630) 434-5515
Benchmark Locations County Benchmarks

Interactive Maps and Most Commonly Requested Maps

The Village’s Interactive Maps program is available online for residents. Our most requested maps are available online and/or in PDF format.

In order to share the Village’s Geographic Information with its residents and business community, the Village offers other mapping services to the general public. Since there is a cost associated with preparing and printing GIS maps, a small fee is charged, based on actual cost of reproduction.

Standard Maps

Table 2: Standard maps available through the Village.
MapSize Map Details (small fee based on cost of reproduction)
Streets 24×36 Street Names, Parcels, Village Limit
Zoning 24×36 Zoning Boundaries & Codes, Parcels, Street Names, Village Limit, Agreement Boundaries, Planned Developments
Future Land Use 24×36 Land Use Boundaries & Codes, Parcels, Street Names, Village Limit, Agreement Boundaries
Aerial Photo 36×36 Color 1” = 100’ Aerial Photo by Quarter Section (1/2 foot pixel)
Contours 36×36 Aerial Photo with Contours by Quarter Section
Misc 11×17 Any of the above maps as 11×17 or simple site maps

Custom Maps

Table 3: Miscellanous maps.
Data Layers Available for Custom Maps… Price will vary on actual cost of reproduction.
Address Points (only available on certain maps)
Aerial Photo ( 1/2 foot Color)
Agreement Boundaries
Contour Lines
Downtown Parking Layers
Land Use Boundaries & Codes
Planned Developments
Street Names
Trees (with permission from our Forestry group)
Village Limit
Zoning Boundaries & Codes
Other layers as requested / available

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