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Police Department

We, the members of the Downers Grove Police Department are committed to preserving safety and enhancing the quality of life in our community. We provide service with understanding, response with compassion, and law enforcement with vision. We do so with honor, courage, and integrity; never losing sight of the respect and pride we have for one another and those we serve.


Police Department Mission Statement


Table 1: Location information.
Facility Address Phone
Police Station 825 Burlington Ave. (630) 434-5600

The Police Station operates under normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The lobby of the Police Station is always open, and the Village Operations Center (V.O.C.) may be contacted at all times from the lobby for emergencies.


Table 2: Contact information.
Contact Telephone
Kurt Bluder, Police Chief (630) 434-5611
Bill Budds, Deputy Chief, Operations (630) 434-5616
Shanon Gillette, Deputy Chief Adminstration  (630) 434-5693


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