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The Legal Department provides in-house legal services to the Village. This department represents the Village in its corporate capacity, as well as providing advice, counsel and representation for the various officers and employees of the Village in their official capacity. All legislation considered by the Village Council is prepared by the department, in conjunction with the operating department proposing the particular item under consideration.

The Legal Department keeps Village employees up-to-date with Illinois legislation. It also provides the Village with opinions and procedures for employees to follow for compliance and, if applicable, adopts local ordinances pertaining to the legislation.


Table 1: Contact information.
Contact Telephone
Enza Petrarca, Village Attorney (630) 434-5541
Dawn Didier, Staff Attorney (630) 434-5504
Chanay Mackey, Risk Manager (630) 434-8616

Village Prosecutors

Michael McMahon and Linda Pieczynski are the Village’s prosecutors. Mr. McMahon prosecutes all DUI ordinance violations for the Village. Ms. Pieczynski prosecutes all Village ordinance and traffic violations for the Village.

Contact Information

Michael McMahon Christine Charkewycz
McMahon Law Offices Attorney at Law
811 N. Elm 2021 Midwest Road, Ste. 200
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521 Oak Brook, IL  60523
Phone (630) 953-4400/Fax (630) 953-4401 Phone (630) 777-4922 email:


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