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Fire Department

The Fire Department is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to creating a safe environment for the residents, guests and employees of Downers Grove community. The primary responsibility of the Fire Department is the preservation of life and property through around the clock service from four fire stations. In addition to fire services, the department provides complete ALS (advanced life support) emergency medical services.

The Fire Department fire engines, ladder truck and ambulances are dispatched according to the nature of the call. The closest unit will be sent to ensure that help arrives as soon as possible.

For more information, visit the Fire Department’s Public Education website.

Table 1: Contact information.
Contact Telephone
Emergency 9-1-1
Main Line (Non-emergency) (630) 434-5980
Fire Prevention Bureau (630) 434-5983
Scott Spinazola, Fire Chief (630) 434-5980
Dan Tasso, Deputy Fire Chief, Operations (630) 434-5980
Rob Pekelder, Deputy Fire Chief, Administration (630) 434-5980
Jim Werner, Training/Safety Battalion Chief (630) 434-5980
John Hardy, Black Shift Battalion Chief (630) 434-5980
Bob Kocolowski, Red Shift Battalion Chief
(630) 434-5980
Gold Shift Battalion Chief (630) 434-5980
Dale Smith, Public Information and Education (630) 434-5980
Chris Hull, Fire Prevention Division Chief (630) 434-5975


Table 2: Fire Station location and contact information.
Fire Station #1 2560 Wisconsin Avenue (630) 434-5980
Fire Station #2 5420 Main Street (630) 434-5980
Fire Station #3 3900 Highland Avenue (630) 434-5980
Fire Station #5 6701 Main Street (630) 434-5980

Annual Report

  • 2020 Annual Report
  • 2019 Annual Report
  • 2018 Annual Report
  • 2017 Annual Report
  • Ride-Along Program

    This program is intended to provide an educational experience for those seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in the fire or EMS service. For members of the general public, this program is meant to increase their awareness of the services the Downers Grove Fire Department (the department) provides and how those services are delivered. To learn more about the program please download the Ride-Along Program packet and fill-out the forms provided.

    Pluggie's Pals


    This winter program asks kids to help firefighters by taking care of a hydrant near their home or school. It takes firefighters extra minutes to clear hydrants of snow and chip ice away from the ports. Register for the program HERE. 


    Safety in Your Home video (part of 3rd grade Learn Not to Burn program)