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Library Board of Trustees

Are you interested in making the Library a place of information with a wide variety of materials and access to resources for the community?                                   

Are you comfortable reviewing and approving the annual budget and establishing the amount of property taxes to be collected to fund the Library?  

Apply Now to become a member of the Library Board of Trustees Today!


Board Overview

Staff Liaison: Julie Milavec (Phone: 630-960-1200)

Board required by state statute.

Meeting Schedule: Fourth Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Library Meeting Room.

Appointments: The Village Council appoints members to this board.



 Six voting members                                                                                                       Six year staggered terms


2023 Minutes

Table 1. Current Years Minutes

2022 Minutes

Table 1. Current Years Minutes

2021 Minutes

Table 2. Past Years Minutes

2020 Minutes

Table 3. Past Years Minutes

2019 Minutes

Table 4. Past Years Minutes

2018 Minutes

Table 5. Past Years Minutes

2017 Minutes

Table 6. Past Years Minutes

2016 Minutes

Table 7. Past Years Minutes