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Boards & Commissions


One of the best things about Downers Grove is the countless ways residents can participate in making positive contributions to the the community. Village Boards and Commissions offer a unique opportunity for those who are passionate about community service to interact  directly with residents plus other stakeholders.  These stalwart volunteers play an integral role in making recommendations to assist the Village Council in decision making and policy implementation. Residents are encouraged to attend a Village Council or Board and Commission meeting to see this collaborative relationship at work. The Village Council appreciates the contributions of each  Board and Commission and the members who serve on them.  

Thank you for your interest in serving.


Picture shows six seated members of the Plan Commission in the Village Hall Council Chambers.

Figure 1. Plan Commission in action!

"I enjoy serving on the Liquor Commission and assisting the Village with the licensing and  regulating of the sale and consumption of alcohol within the Village."

- Alice, Liquor Commission Chair

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What it takes...


Thank you for your interest in serving on a Village Board or Commission! While each board or commission has unique requirements, the most important attribute of the Village's Boards and Commissions members is the passion they all share for serving the community. To view board-specific attributes, meeting schedules and more, please see the table at the bottom of the page and click on a board for more details!

Here are some general requirements you should know before filing that application:

  • Applicants must be residents of incorporated Downers Grove
  • Applicants should enjoy interacting with the community and Village Council
  • Applicants should have a genuine interest in the board's topic matter(s)
  • Board members should plan to attend scheduled meetings; each board meets according to it's own schedule
Want to see the action first-hand? Attend a meeting or two! Applicants are always encouraged to come to meetings and get a feel for how the boards work.


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Appointment Process


So you want to apply to be on a Village Board or Commission? The application is easy! Applications can be sent in at ANY time, no need to wait until a vacancy becomes available. 

Here's how it works:

  • Click APPLY at the bottom of the page to get started
  • Your application will be kept active for two years (For example, if you apply November 2017, your application is active until November 2019, after that it will be archived)
  • Applicants will receive confirmation when their application is received
  • Applicants will receive quarterly status updates. What do we mean by status update? Village staff will tell you what boards have vacancies and if your application is still active
  • Applications will be reviewed for appointment as vacancies become available
  • The appointment process may vary from board to board, please see the individual board pages linked in the below table for more information


Below you'll find the list of all of the Village's current Boards and Commissions. This table gives a quick snapshot of how many vacancies each board has and how many active applications are on file. This table will be updated quarterly. While vacancies become available at different times, many of the next vacancies will occur in August of 2018.

Click into each each board for more information!

You can find a meeting schedule for all of the Boards and Commissions here.


Historic Preservation and Design Review Board 
Table 1. List of Boards and Commissions
Board and Commission Current # of Vacancies # of Applications
Board of Fire & Police Commissioners                          0                    32
Building Board of Appeals                          0                    14
Community Events Commission                          0                    32
Environmental Concerns Commission                          0                    33
Fire Pension Board                          0                    18
Foreign Fire Fund ‡                          N/A                    N/A
Historic Preservation and Design Review Board                           0                    31
Human Service Ad Hoc Committee                          0                    0
Human Service Commission                          7                    30
Library Board of Trustees                          0                    32
Liquor Commission                          0                    28
Plan Commission                          0                    49
Police Pension Board                          0                     23
Stormwater & Flood Plain Oversight Committee                          0                    26
Technology Commission                          0                    28
Transportation & Parking Commission                          3                    25
Zoning Board of Appeals                          0                    32

‡ - This symbol denotes this board is comprised of members of the Villages Fire Department. Applications are not taken for this board. 

Apply Now

Membership (12 month terms) for service on selected Village commissions is available to Downers Grove youth entering their junior year (or age equivalent) of high school. The following boards may have a student member:

  • Environmental Concerns Commission
  • Community Events Commission
  • Human Services Commission
  • Transportation and Parking Commission

The application is available here: Youth in Government Application