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Block Party Request

Effective July 1, 2014, block party applicants must obtain one adult signature from 25% of households affected by the blocked portion(s) of the street.

Submit the following information for hosting a Block Party:

  1. Fill out online form or download brochure
  2. Download and fill out the sponsor agreement form (page 2)
  3. Download Resident Signature Form and obtain signatures. Submit original form via:
    • Mail: 5101 Walnut Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515
    • Email:
    • Fax: (630) 434-5495
  4. Block Party permits are issued for events between the first weekend of April and the third weekend of October each year. 
  5. The approval process begins when all forms have been completed (resident signature form, agreement form, and block party request form). Please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks for your request to be processed.
  6. A deposit of $30.00 is required for barricades and must be received on the day of pickup in the form of a check.



Required fields are printed in bold.

Contact Information
e.g 100 Main St
e.g. 000-000-0000
Location Information
e.g Main St
TIP: Please use only alphanumeric with allowable punctuation ( , . : ; ' "()?#@*!%).

Select a START and END time for your event (Limit: 8 hours), including a rain date.

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