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Radio Alarm Application - Contractor

Application is hereby made by the undersigned application for the connection to the Fire Alarm Receiving System of the Village of Downers Grove, for the automatic fire alarm service.

Required fields are printed in bold.

Applicant Information

e.g 100 Main St
e.g. 000-000-0000

Are you the owner, lessee, or otherwise in control of the property for which you are applying for connection?

If not, please designate your exact interest in the property?

Business Address
e.g 100 Main St
e.g. 000-000-0000
Connection Conditions

As a condition to the Village system, the applicant shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. All fire alarm systems shall be supervised by connection to the Village fire alarm receiving panel in the manner specified by the Municipal Code and shall transmit alarm, trouble, and supervisory signals; as per section 907.15.1

You will be contacted by the Fire Prevention Bureau once a position number is assigned upon receipt of this application.