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 Fire Safety Tips

  1. Make sure you have smoke detectors on each level of your house.
  2. Make sure your smoke detectors are working. Test them monthly.
  3. Never play with matches or lighters.
  4. Make sure there are two ways out of each room in your house.
  5. If your clothes are on fire, stop, drop, and roll.
  6. Make sure your family has a meeting place if there is an emergency.
  7. Never go back into a fire to get your possessions.  
  8. If you have pets in a burning house tell a firefighter and they will try to save them.
  9. Don't hide in a fire.
  10. If there is a fire, get out and stay out.

First Aid Tips

  1. When you have a burn, put cold water on it for several minutes until most of the pain goes away.
  2. Apply pressure on cuts or scrapes when it is bleeding.  Put a clean cloth on the wound.
  3. Older kids and adults should know how to do the Heimlich maneuver in case someone is choking. 
  4. Make sure you keep a well stocked first aid kit in hand
  5. Keep a list of numbers for emergencies and make sure kids know WHO to call (Keep a list of numbers next to the phone including 9-1-1).