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Facility Replacement & Sustainability Plan

The Village Council identified this project as a priority action item during the 2021-23 Long Range Plan (LRP).

The Police Station and Village Hall Are in Need of Replacement

The 42 year-old Police Station & 90+ year-old Village Hall are in need of many expensive maintenance projects, do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and do not have the spaces required to perform work in the most safe and efficient manner.
Links: Facility Condition Assessment Reports / Photo Galleries

The Village Council Has Looked at Many Different Options

These options have been extensively explored and evaluated, allowing the Council to select the solution that best meets the needs of the community.
Link: Staff Reports Organized by Past Planning Processes

Replacing the Police Station & Village Hall with a New Building Offers the Best Value for the Community

This approach will construct a new combined Police Station/Village Hall on the Civic Center property and consider options for redevelopment of a portion of the site to maximize the value of land no longer needed for municipal facilities.
Link: Staff Reports for Current Facility Replacement & Sustainability Plan

Telecommunications Tower Relocation

There Are Many Ways to Be Informed and Participate

The project will be discussed by the Village Council and Plan Commission during public meetings that welcome and encourage community participation.  Information about the project and opportunities to participate will be updated regularly.


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Facilities of Downers Grove

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Upcoming Meetings & Public Participation Opportunities

Date: July 12, 2022 

Time: 7:00pm 

Location: Village Hall - Council Chambers  

Options for providing input and remain engaged

Email the Village at

Watch meetings live on YouTube and Channel 6

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Facilities Planning

Current and past facility planning processes and related background information

  Current Facilities Replacement and Sustainability Plan Staff Reports and Village Council Discussions 

  Staff Reports Organized by Past Planning Process  

  New Police Station & Village Hall / Partner with Medical Office Developer

  New Police Station & Village Hall / Developer Selection Process and Partner with Townhome Developer

  Police Station Addition

  New Facility Construction on Ogden Avenue and Redevelopment of Civic Center Site

  Facility Condition Assessment Reports / Photo Galleries