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Valley View Pond Improvements

Table 1: Project completion and contact information.
Project Information Data
Project # DR-035
Category Drainage
Start Date November 2012
End Date Undetermined
Project Status

(Project is on schedule.)

Village Contact Dan Kmiecik, Staff Engineer (630) 434-6875  

Project Summary

The purpose of this project is to naturalize the Valley View Estates Pond. Located in Prentiss Creek Subwatershed PR-A, this pond is identified a Problem Area 601 in the Watershed Infrastructure Improvement Plan (WIIP). This Village-owned pond is a regional retention pond receiving flows from the area of the Village located roughly south of 68th Street between Main Street and Fairview Avenue.

Recent Progress

7/24/2015 Staff met with contractor and ecological consultant to discuss additional weeding and planting concerns. The contractor will be out onsite over the next few weeks to continue to herbicide and seed areas that are bare. As a friendly reminder, no residents should be mowing within the naturalized area. If you have questions or concerns about where your property ends and the naturalization area begins, please contact Dan Kmiecik at 6301-434-6875.

7/20/2015 Contractor will be onsite doing maintenence items and weed control.

6/5/2015 Contractor will be onsite for monitoring and maintenence of plantings.

5/29/2015 Contractor to be onsite for weeding operations. Informational signs about the naturalized basin to be installed the week of 6/2/15.

4/28/2015 Contractor will be back on site to assess growth over the fall/spring and will be adding additional seed in areas that are not showing growth. 

4/10/2015 The plugs that were planted spring 2014 are stabilized and producing root growth. The contractor and Village wetland concultant will be onsite in the next month to check on the plantings to make sure everything survived the winter and is growing properly.

11/21/2014 Our contractor was onsite last week doing some weed maintenance operations and doing some overseeding in areas that still appear to be "bare". The plugs that were planted earlier this spring have seemed to stabilize and produce root growth to survive the winter months. We will be onsite this coming spring to check on the plantings to make sure everything survived the winter and is growing properly.

6/27/2014 Contractor will be onsite seeding in areas that are not seeing growth. Crews will also be clearing the banks of additional debris. 

6/13/2014 Contractor will be on site continuing plug installation.

5/23/2014 Contractor will be on site 6/4/2014 to begin planting and plug installation.

4/25/2014 Contractor will be back on site 4/28/14 to assess the growth over the fall/spring and will be adding additional seed in areas that are not showing growth. 

4/1/2014 Contractor will be back on site in the spring to install plugs and plantings to the naturalization areas. 

10/31/2013 All construction activity for the project has been completed for the year. ENCAP will be onsite this spring to install additional plantings and inspect that seeded areas are growing properly. 

10/21/2013 Dewatering and pond reshaping operations are ongoing. The contractor anticipates all earthwork operations to be completed by 10/22/2013 (depending on weather conditions). ENCAP will be onsite following all grading operations to begin seeding.

08/02/2013 100% design plans received from consultant. Village to review plans then setup times for residents to view plans. Plans are not to be taken out of building, as they have not been fully permitted to date.

07/08/2013 TSC will be performing routine soils testing onsite this week.  Project plans are approaching 100% complete.  Permitting processes has begun.

06/28/2013 Project plans set is at 90% complete.  Permitting preparations are being made as construction plans near 100% completion. 

11/13/2012 Village staff has posted responses to questions that were raised at the meeting with residents in September.  After carefully and thoroughly reviewing suggested alternatives, staff has determined that the best course of action that is most cost effective and will address long-term maintenance concerns involves continuation of the original plan to naturalize the pond.  Pending approval of the contract, there will be opportunities for resident input to be considered during the design phase of the project.

It is expected that the contract will be placed on the First Reading section of the Council Agenda for Tuesday, November 20, with a planned final vote by the Village Council scheduled for Tuesday, December 4.   

9/12/2012 On Thursday, September 6, the Village held an open meeting for residents of the Valley View subdivision to discuss options for planned improvements to the Valley View Pond.   Approximately 20 residents from the neighborhood, most of whom live immediately adjacent to the pond, attended the meeting, which lasted from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. Deputy Village Manager Mike Baker and Staff Engineer Jeff Loster attended from the Village. Village staff provided a status report of the project, outlined the options that have been considered to date, and responded to resident comments and questions that were raised during the meeting.

In addition to posing several questions regarding the options that have been presented and the future maintenance plans of the Village, the residents requested that the Village consider the following alternatives: 

  • Replace portions of the naturalized area currently identified in Option 1 with dry-bottom detention.
  • Escrow the funds allocated for the project until more significant problems with the pond reoccur. (This alternative was introduced because of the minimal nuisance-related problems that have occurred this year and general resident satisfaction with the condition of the pond.)

The next steps of the project include providing responses to the resident questions and suggested alternatives from the September 6 meeting.  Responses will be posted to the project webpage and residents will be notified when they are available.  Residents will also be notified of any future meetings or other activity planned for the project. 

8/31/2012  Village staff will be meeting with interested residents who live in the area of Valley View Pond on Thursday, September 6, 2012. The meeting will be from 7:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m. at Fire Station #2, 5420 Main St., in the Traning Room. 


7/6/2012  This project will be discussed at the July 17, 2012 Village Council meeting under the meeting agenda for "First Reading". Below are the staff responses to questions previously raised, as well as soil reports.

6/22/2012 The Village hosted a neighborhood meeting on May 16, 2012 to present the staff recommendation to naturalize the pond. The Village Council considered improvements to the pond at the June 19, 2012 Council meeting. The Council requested that staff provide responses to several questions that were asked during the meeting. On or around July 6, 2012, staff's responses to the questions will be posted on this webpage. 

March 2012 Work in 2012 will consiste of hydraulic dredging of the pond. 

May 2011 A geotechnical investigation is currently being performed to assess the existing sediment.