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Roadway Resurfacing (LAFO) - Maple Avenue (Main to Fairview)


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project #


Category Streets
Start Date October, 2018
End Date

November, 2018

Project Status

(Project is on schedule.)           

Village Contact

Stephanie Graves, Staff Engineer  (630) 434-5487

Project Summary

This work includes the resurfacing of Maple Avenue from Main Street to Fairview Avenue.

Project Alerts


Recent Progress


Sod will be inspected for establishment after Friday, December 14.


Punch list items have been completed and job is complete. Sod will continue to be monitored for establishment.


Punch list work has been delayed due to snow; Items will be addressed when conditions permit.


Restoration of topsoil and sod took place November 10 and November 14. Remaining concrete sidewalk will be poured on Friday, November 16 Following this work, miscellaneous "punch list" items will be addressed. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure survivability of the sod during its establishment period.


Final grading and restoration is expected to take place November 9 and week of November 12. Following restoration, miscellaneous "punch list" items will be addressed. It is the responsibility of the contractor to water the sod. Residents will not be asked or expected to water or mow during its establishment period.


This week

Surface asphalt was paved on October 31 and permanent road striping was applied on November 2.

Next week

Final grading and restoration will take place the week of November 5.


This week

Road grinding continued on October 22. Concrete sidewalks were poured on October 23. The first layer of asphalt was paved on Wednesday, October 24. In-pavement structures are being adjusted to final height on October 25, and Friday, October 26.

Next week

Surface asphalt is expected to be paved Monday, October 29. Following the completion of surface paving, permanent road striping and sod restoration will occur.


Concrete curb and portions of sidewalk were replaced on Tuesday, October 16. Road grinding is expected to take place on Friday, October 19 and Monday October 22. Remaining concrete work will be completed week of October 22.


This week 

Concrete curb and sidewalk was removed on Wednesday, October 10.

Next week

Contractor will be onsite week of October 15 to frame and pour new concrete. Road grinding could take place as early as the end of the week of October 15.


Informational Signs were posted on Monday, October 1st. Construction work is expected to begin on Monday, October 8th starting with saw cutting of concrete curb and sidewalk. Concrete removals are expected to start on Tuesday, October 9th and pouring new concrete could start as early as Friday, October 12th.


Informational Signs are expected to go up on Monday, October 1st. Road work is expected to begin Monday, October 8th. Notices will be mailed to businesses and residents with additional information.


Preconstruction meeting was held on September 18th. Contractor is expected to start on October 1st. Notifications will be mailed to residents and businesses with additional information.


Preconstruction meeting is on September 18th. Notices to residents with anticipated schedule are expected to be sent shortly after.


The project is anticipated to be on the August 3rd IDOT Letting for bids to be submitted. Construction is expected to begin this fall.