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Road Reconstruction - Brookbank Road, 59th to 60th Street


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project # ST-025
Category Streets
Start Date Week of June 18
End Date Late July 
Project Status

(Project is on schedule.)         

Village Contact

Nate Hawk, Staff Engineer II (630) 434-5467

Project Summary

This project includes the reconstruction of Brookbank Rd, from 59th Street to 60th Street. Included in this work is the extension northward of the boulevard cross section, which begins at 63rd Street.

Project Alerts


Recent Progress


This week the light pole bases and conduit placement were completed. The contractor also backfilled sidewalks and began placing topsoil.


This week

This week the contractor completed the parkway grading and sidewalk placement. The contractor will be delaying the placement of topsoil and seed until cooler weather.

Next week

The placement of light poles are anticipated begin in the next two weeks.


This week

The contractor completed the placement of the concrete curb and asphalt pavement base.

Next week

The contractor anticipates working on sidewalk base preparation and parkway grading.


This week

The contractor completed the roadway excavation and placement of the stone road base.

Next week

The contractor anticipates placing the concrete curb.