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Parking Deck Maintenance


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project # P-013
Category Parking 
Start Date June, 2018
End Date August, 2018
Project Status

(Project is on schedule.)          

Village Contact

Will Lorton, Traffic Engineer (630) 434-6863

Project Summary

In 2004, the Village constructed the parking deck in the Downtown Business District. The deck consists of five floors and 778 parking stalls. Twelve years after its construction, the deck is beginning to require increased maintenance efforts as some of its structure and systems begin to age and wear. This project includes multi-year phases of rehabilitation and maintenance, which will help extend the service life of the parking deck and minimize more costly future repairs.


Project Alerts


Recent Progress

  • Parking deck maintenance begins July 5 and is anticipated to last less than four weeks.  Parking deck levels 3 through 5 will be affected, but will remain open. The stone lot near the Belmont station is open and numbered with spaces 511-590