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Forest Avenue and Prince Street Drainage Improvements (Area 10)


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project #


Category Drainage
Start Date July, 2018
End Date September, 2018
Project Status

(Project is on schedule.)               

Village Contact

Susan Quasney, Staff Engineer (630) 434-5564

Project Summary



Project Alerts


Recent Progress


This week

Contractor has almost completed the new storm sewer line on Forest. All repairs and sanitary lines are anticipated to be complete by the end of this week.

Next week

Due to the complexities of the area, the backyard pipe through 4820 Forest has been removed from the contract. We anticipate all storm water work to be completed next week with restoration of the street to follow.


This week

The contractor has completed the main storm sewer line installation along Franklin and is now heading north on Forest. Forest work will be slower due to utility line conflicts and lateral work, and is anticipated to be through most of next week.

Next week

Inlet work on Prince has begun, and inlet work on Prairie is anticipated for upcoming week. Temporary blockages of driveways and street closures will occur as required, but access will be restored by the end of each work day.


Contractor expected to mobilize on Wednesday, September 26 or Thursday, September 27. Work will begin with investigatory digging to locate utilities. Temporary lane closures may occur periodically.


Project expected to be awarded in early September 2018.


Bidding for this project is currently underway.