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2nd and Cumnor Stormwater Improvements

Table 1: Project completion and contact information.
Project Information Data
Project # SW-035
Category Stormwater
Start Date August 2011
End Date Spring 2013
Percent Complete 100%
Village Contact Nate Hawk, Staff Engineer, (630) 434-5467


Flooding problems related to this 200 acre watershed have been classified as high priority. The majority of this area is outside of Village boundaries and divided into north and south portions by the Burlington Northern Railroad. Many Village streets within this watershed do not have either a defined ditch or storm sewer system. A lack of storm water infrastructure is compounded by undersized storm sewer main (24” diameter) that does not adequately discharge storm water during a more intense rainfall type event.

Project Summary

Detention basin on August 17, 2012.The Watershed Infrastructure Improvement Plan identifies this project.

Proposed improvements call for the voluntary buy-out of homes, the closing of Cumnor between 2nd St and 3rd St, construction of a detention basin and new and replacement storm sewers.

Goals and Outcomes

Homes most at risk for structural flooding removed.  Provide storage to contain stormwater discharge of high intensity short duration storm events.  Lower water surface elevation of flooding events to reduce the need for road closures.  Provide benefits to increase water quality of stormwater discharge. 

Project Status 

6/7/2013  Contractor will be completing maintenance and monitoring.

11/19/12 Maintenance and monitoring for 2012 has been completed.  The contractor will resume with maintenance and monitoring of the plants in the spring of 2013.  

10/29/12 The grading and plantings are complete. The contractor is continuing with maintenance and monitoring of the plants. Maintenance includes management of the weeds that typically grow until the planted materials are established.

9/21/2012 2nd Street & Cumnor Stormwater Project Wins ASCE Award. The Village was informed this week that the 2nd and Cumnor Stormwater Improvements and Naturalized Basin Project is the recipient of the Illinois Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers 2012 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award Under $5 Million. The award will be presented to the project team at the ASCE Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on October 10th. The project was designed in-house by Downers Grove Engineering Division staff including Nate Hawk and Andy Sikich, with the assistance of several consulting firms who provided surveying, landscape design, stormwater modeling support, and Construction Management services from V3 Engineering.  

8/22/2012  The grading, and plantings have been complete. The contractor is continuing with maintenance and monitoring of the plants. Maintenance includes management of the weeds that typically grow until the planted materials are established. Ongoing Work: Maintenance and monitoring of plantings.

7/6/2012 The grading, and plantings have been complete. The contractor is continuing with maintenance and monitoring of the plants. Maintenance includes management of the weeds that typically grow until th eplanted materials are established.  

March 2012 Plantings are scheduled to be done between April and June 2012. 

11/29/2011 Completed plaza improvements except for educational signage. Removed construction fence. Completed site and parkway restoration. Educational signage delivery and installation expected early December.

10/21/2011 Work Completed This Week:Completed basin excavation and topsoil respread. Installed storm sewer inlet and outlet pipes. Work Anticipated Next Week: Complete 3rd Street and Cumnor Road improvements.

9/9/2011 AT&T began line relocation, partial basin excavation, continued foundation removal and watermain construction. The week of Sept. 12, work will continue on AT&T line relocation and utility pole removal, complete watermain construction and begin sanitary sewer construction.

9/6/2011   Watermain materials and stone have been delivered to the site.  Watermain construction along 2nd St. will continue the week of Sept. 5.  

6/8/2011 Bid advertisements scheduled for early June, with construction to begin in late July or early August. Eletric, gas, cable and water meter services have been removed in preparation for demolition. Relocation of existing ComEd utility poles is expected in mid June.  Throughout the month of June, the existing homes will be used by the police and fire departments to execute training exercises.

4/26/2011 Preparation of plans and construction documents are 75% complete.  Bid advertisement is scheduled for mid-May.

May 2009 Project is currently within the design phase. Initial contact to Westmont has been made to explore cost share scenarios. Construction is anticipated for early 2010.

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