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2021 Road Maintenance Resurfacing


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project # ST-004B
Category Streets 
Start Date April 2021
End Date October 2021
Project Status On Schedule
Village Contact

Stephanie Graves, Staff Engineer (630) 434-5487

Project Summary

This work is an annual program which consists of resurfacing a number of neighborhood streets in town. This includes spot-repair of curb, sidewalk replacement for ADA compliance, grinding the existing top layer of asphalt, pavement patching as needed, and two new layers of asphalt with adjustments to utility structures as needed. This also includes parkway restoration in disturbed areas and new pavement striping.

     Click Here to View the 2021 Road Maintenance Resurfacing Street Map


Street From To
 Aldrich Pl      Cul De Sac  Woodward
 Banchory Ct  Lee  E. End
 Bending Oaks Pl            Elmore                        S. End   
 Bradley Ct  Cul De Sac  Dunham
 Cambridge  Concord  S. Village Limit          
 Challen Pl  Elmore  S. End
 Concord  Stonewall  Woodward
 Cornell  Grant  S. End
 Downers  Ogden  S. End
 Dunham  Norfolk  67th Pl
 Essex  Penner  W. End
 Grant  Woodward  Lee
 Hillcrest  Norfolk  Palmer
 Hitchcock  W. Village Limit  Walnut
 Janes  Wisconsin  Inverness
 Katrine  Curtiss  S. End
 Lee  Chicago  Grant
 Linscott  Ogden  S. End
 Meade Pl  Meade Rd  N. End
 Meade Rd  Concord   Meade Pl 
 Middaugh  Ogden   S. End 
 Midhurst  Oxnard   W. End 
 Newport  Cambridge   Penner 
 Norfolk   W. End   Dunham 
 Northbridge  Penner   W. End 
 Oakwood   Ogden   Grant 
 Oxnard   Woodward   N. End 
 Palmer   W. End   Dunham 
 Penner Ave   Concord   Newport 
 Penner Pl   Penner Ave   N. End 
 Puffer   Prentiss   S. End 
 Revere   Meade Pl   Concord 
 Seeley   Ogden   Grant 
 Stonewall   Ogden   Prairie 
 Sturbridge   Penner   W. End 
 Terrace   Norfolk   Cul De Sac 
 Thatcher   Hitchcock   Walnut 
 Walnut   N. of Hitchcock   Maple 
 Warren   Cornell   Forest 
 Westfield   Midhurst   Puffer 
 Woodward   Ogden   Prairie 


Project Alerts

Recent Progress



  • The Contractor will be starting work in the south part of town in the following neighborhoods: Aldrich Pl, Puffer/Midhurst/Oxnard/Westfield, Norfolk/Dunham/Palmer/Terrace/Hillcrest, Bradley Ct, and Concord/Cambridge/Sturbridge/Essex/Northbridge/Penner/Newport/Meade/Revere.
  • The sewer subcontractor started installing erosion control on 4/14 and will continue over the next few days.
  • Starting as early as 4/22, concrete saw cutting may begin to prepare for curb and sidewalk removal and replacement. Saw cutting is expected to be performed through the entire project, not just the streets in the south part of town. After saw cutting, concrete removal will be taking place. This removal work could be as early as 4/27.



The Contractor will be in town the week of April 19th to display road work signage and install erosion control measures. Work is expected to start the week of April 26, weather pending. The completion date for this contract is October 8th.


A preconstruction meeting will be held in early April, at which time a more defined construction schedule will be established.


The contract was approved at the March 16th Council meeting. A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled in the next few weeks.


Bids were opened at Public Works on Wednesday, February 17th. The project is expected to have first read at the Council meeting on March 2nd, with approval at the March 16th meeting. A pre-construction meeting could be expected in early April, at which time a more defined construction schedule will be established.


This project was advertised February 3, 2021. Bids will be opened at Public Works on Wednesday, February 17th at 10AM. After this, the project will be added to the Village Council agenda for review and approval.