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2021 Burlington Highlands Drainage Improvements


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project # SW-080-17B
Category Drainage
Start Date February 2021
End Date October 2021
Project Status

On Schedule

Village Contact

Scott Vasko, Engineering Manager (630) 434-6804

Project Summary


The project includes installing storm sewers, constructing a detention pond on the east side of Belle Aire Lane where Virginia Street ends, as well as patching of the existing roadway where the new storm sewer will be installed, sidewalk improvements at the intersections, and street resurfacing.

The project also includes water main replacement on Venard Road between Ogden Ave and Drove Ave.

Storm Sewer Improvement Locations Include:

  • Downers Drive between Ogden Ave and Janet Street
  • Downers Drive between Virginia Street to approximately 4010 Downers Drive
  • Janet Street between Downers Drive and Belle Aire Lane
  • Virginia Street between Downers Drive and Belle Aire Lane
  • Seeley Ave between Janet Street and Virginia Street
  • Belle Aire Lane between Ogden Ave and Drove Ave
  • Drove Ave between Belle Aire Lane and Venard Road

Project Alerts

Recent Progress


Water main installation continued on Venard this week. The contractor started excavation of the pond on Belle Aire this week. Next week, the contractor is scheduled to continue water main installation on Venard and excvation of the pond on Belle Aire.


Water main instalation started on Venard this week. Water main installation is scheduled to continue on Venard next week.


Tree removals continued at the pond site on Belle Aire. Water main installation scheduled to start next week on Venard.


Tree removals started at the pond site on Belle Aire. The contractor started sawcutting the pavement on Venard for water main installation which will begin the week of April 5th.


Tree removal at the Belle Aire pond site is scheduled to start the week of 3/22/21.


The project was awarded to ALamp Concrete Contractors at the January 19, 2021 Village Council Meeting. Village staff will work with the contractor to coordinate the start of construction.


Bids were received on December 15, 2020. Council is expected to approve the construction contract in January 2021, with construction to begin shortly thereafter.


The project is being resumed after being suspended due to funding concerns related to COVID-19. The project is out for bid again and bids will be opened on December 15, 2020. Construction is expected to begin early 2021.


Council has approved the award of the construction contract to Campanella & Sons.


Contractor bids have been received. The lowest responsible bid will be presented to Council March 3, 2020.


The project is out for bid and bids will be opened on February 14, 2020. Construction is expected to begin in April.