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2020 Road Maintenance Resurfacing


Table #: Project completion and contact information.
Project InformationData
Project # ST-004B
Category Streets 
Start Date
End Date
Project Status


Village Contact

Stephanie Graves, Staff Engineer (630) 434-5487

Project Summary


 StreetFrom StreetTo Street
40th W. End Washington
41st Washington Elm
Chase Curtiss N. End
Elm 41st 39th
Hobson West of Janes Belmont
Washington Ogden 39th
Williams Ogden 41st


Project Alerts

Recent Progress


Final punch list work was completed 10/21/20.


Final punch list work is continuing and is expected to be completed by 10/23.


Pavement striping was completed on all streets on Friday,10/2. Stone shoulder was placed on Washington, Elm, 40th, and 41st on Monday, 10/5. Remaining work to be completed is landscaping and restoration activities, and punch list. This work is expected to be addressed the week of 10/12.


Final surface paving was completed on 10/1. Remaining construction activities include pavement striping, stone shoulder on Washington, Elm, 41st, and 40th, landscaping and restoration activities, and punch list items. Pavement striping is planned to take place starting Friday, 10/2.


Surface asphalt was paved on Hobson and Chase on Thursday, 9/24. Surface paving of the remaining streets is tentatively planned for Monday, 9/28, weather permitting. Once that work is completed, stone shoulder will be installed on select streets and landscaping work will continue. Pavement striping will take place after all streets are paved.


Hobson was milled on Monday, 9/14 and patching was completed on Thursday, 9/17. The first lift of asphalt, level binder paving, is planned for Saturday, 9/19. Fresh oil signs are placed on all streets as there will be an application before paving operations. Please drive slowly through areas that have fresh oil application.

For the week of 9/21, level binder paving will be completed on Monday 9/21. Detector loops will be repaired at Hobson and Belmont, and longitudinal joint sealant will be applied to all streets on Tuesday 9/22. Manholes will be raised in anticipation of final surface paving, and asphalt driveways will be repaired.


Rain this week delayed work. Existing asphalt was milled on Chase, Washington, 41st, and 40th on Wednesday; and on Elm and Williams on Thursday.

Hobson is planned to be milled on Monday, 9/14. Spot areas of pavement base patching are planned for Thursday, 9/17. The first layer of asphalt is scheduled to be paved on all streets on Friday, 9/18, weather permitting. After that, traffic signal detector loops will be replaced on Hobson at Belmont.

Asphalt driveway aprons are planned to be repaired next week, and landscaping and restoration operations will begin. All of the aforementioned work is dependent upon the weather.


This week, the manhole lids in the pavement were lowered in anticipation of milling the roads. Milling is tentatively scheduled for September 8th and 9th. Any areas of patching that need to be performed are tentatively scheduled for September 10th and 11th. This work is weather-dependent.


This week, concrete removals took place on all streets. Concrete curb and sidewalk was replaced 8/25 and 8/28. Next week, there will be little construction activity. Road milling and patching is expected to take place September 8-11, weather pending.


This week, Road Construction Ahead signs were placed on the streets to be resurfaced. Sawcutting concrete curbs is planned for Friday 8/21 in preparation for concrete removals the week of 8/24. Curb and sidewalk in need of repair will be removed and replaced. Residents whose driveway access will be impacted will receive a notification in the form of a door hanger with additional information for parking alternatives.


The contractor is scheduled to begin mobilization and utility location the week of August 17th. Concrete curb and sidewalk removal and replacement will follow.


Notices were mailed to residents who live in the vicinity of the roads to be resurfaced. Work is scheduled to start the week of August 17th.


A preconstruction meeting was held and work is scheduled to start the week of August 17th.


The contract was awarded at the July 7th Council meeting. Work is expected to start in early August.


The contract was awarded at the July 7, 2020 Council meeting. Work is expected to start in early August.


Bids were opened June 19, 2020. The contract will be presented to Council July 7, 2020.


Bids were opened June 19, 2020. The contract will be presented to Council July 7, 2020.


This project is currently being advertised. Bids will be opened June 19, 2020.


Revised project was advertised 6/5/20. Bids will be opened 6/19/20.