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Green Business Recognition Program


The Village launched the Green Business Recognition program in February 2013. The purpose of the program is to officially recognize local businesses who have made substantial efforts to become environmentally sustainable by adopting best practices in the following areas: 

  • Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • Water Conservation and Stormwater Pollution Prevention
  • Energy Conservation
  • Transportation
  • Public Education/Awareness
  • Innovation

 In order to be considered for the Green Business distinction, a business must have recycling service and demonstrate significant green practices within four of the above categories.

If you are interested in being recognized as a Downers Grove Green Business, please complete our application. Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Environmental Concerns Commission.


If your business does not qualify at this time and you would like to learn how to "green" your business, you can visit following sites:

Questions about the program may be directed to Joshua Dausener at (630) 434-5490.

Green Business Strategies

Here are just a few of the practices implemented by our recognized Green Business partners:

Establish a Green Team to focus on sustainability in the workplace

Provide recycling receptacles around facility and install signage to educate employees

Collect shredded office paper and use as packaging material

Develop a written plan that sets specific sustainability goals

Recycle old electronic equipment

During a remodel, donate surplus and lightly used materials instead of throwing them away

Convert business brochures to paperless and offer paperless billing to customers

Set printers to double-sided default

Install low-flow toilets, showers and sinks

Use motion sensors and timers on lights and install more efficient lighting

Encourage environmental volunteerism from your employees

Set timers on computers to be shut off after a certain time

Offer more environmentally friendly alternatives to customers

Provide bicycle racks, locker rooms and shower facilities to encourage biking to work

Utilize teleconferencing technology to cut down on travel expenses

Implement alternative sources of fuel in company fleet

Regularly update mailing lists to reduce duplicate mailings

Communicate sustainability program efforts and successes with employees

Reuse shipping and packaging materials

Provide reusable mugs and lunch bags to employees to reduce lunch waste

Install timer and moisture sensors on irrigation system

Recognized Green Businesses

Competitive Lawn Service       Bales Mold Service 
Competitive Lawn Service                                                     Bales Metal Service Solutions

  Good Samaritan Hospital    Willis Johnson of Tivoli Enterprises with Mayor Tully
 Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital                                Tivoli Enterprises                                                   


    Downers Grove Park District                                                 Laura's Hair and Nail Studio