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September 11, 2022

September 10, 2022

Coffee with the Council - 9:00 a.m. - Downers Grove Market at Main Street Station

  • Forum for comments from Village residents

September 12, 2022

Plan Commission - 7:00 p.m. - Council Chambers

  • Public Hearing: a. 22-PLC-0017: A petition seeking approval of a Planned Unit Development, a rezoning from DB to DB/PUD and a Special Use to construct a 4-story mixed use building with commercial space on the ground floor and 24 residential units on the 3 upper stories. The property is located 270 feet northeast of the intersection of Rogers Street and Main Street, commonly known as 4915 Main Street, 4919 Main Street and 4923 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL (PIN: 09-08-117-005, -006, and -007). Barriere Properties, LLC and URS-JDJAC25 LLC, owners and Adam Barry, Petitioner. 
  • Public Hearing: b. 22-PLC-0025: A petition seeking an amendment to Planned Development #31 to allow for an amendment to the approved allowed uses list in PUD #31. The property is generally located west of Lacey Road starting approximately 1,100 feet north of the intersection of Lacey Road and Finley Road and extending north to Butterfield Road and west of Woodcreek Drive, commonly known as the Esplanade at Locust Point, Downers Grove, IL (PIN: 05-25-413-009, 05-25-415-009, 05-25-415-010, 05-36-200-009, -011, 05-36-202-008, -015, -016, -017, 05-36-400-017, 06-30-301-007, 06-30-304-002, -003, 06-30-305-003, 06-31-100-019, -020, -021, -022, -023, -025, -027, -028, -029, 06-31-103-001, -002, -005, -006, -007). Various owners and M&R Development, LLC, petitioner.
  • Public Hearing: c. 22-PLC-0026: A petition seeking an amendment to Planned Development #18, a Special Use for a restaurant with a drive-through, and a Final Plat of Subdivision with an exception to lot frontage. The property is currently zoned B-2/P.D. #18, General Retail Business/Planned Unit Development #18. The property is located at the northeast corner of Lemont Road and 75th Street, commonly known as 7221-7451 Lemont Road, Downers Grove, IL (PIN: 09-29-110-002 to -008, -013 to-016). PMAT, DDP, LLC, owners and petitioner.

September 13, 2022

Village Council Meeting - Canceled

September 14, 2022

Transportation and Parking Commission - Canceled