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February 28, 2016

March 1, 2016

Village Council Meeting - 7:00 p.m. Council Chambers

Council Agenda rEmarks

NEW! Can't make the Council meeting, but would like to give your opinions/comments about this week's agenda? Give us your rEmarks! This electronic form takes about 5 minutes to complete, depending on the number of comments you have. Comments will be accepted through noon on Tuesdays and will be forwarded to the Village Council and posted on the Council Responses link below. Staff and Council will not provide a written response to questions posed in the rEmarks format.

Council Meeting video

Council Agenda 03-01-16

Council Minutes 02-16-16

Meetings Schedule


  • REP 2016-6634  2015 Annual Report 

Consent Agenda

  • A. COR 2016-6699  Claims Ordinance:  No. 6147, Payroll, February 05, 2016
  • B. BIL  2016-6700 Bills Payable: No. 6248, March 1, 2016
  • C. RES 2016-6682  A resolution authorizing an agreement with B&F Construction Code Services, Inc.
  • D. RES 2016-6656 A resolution authorizing an agreement with Houseal Lavigne Associates, LLC 
  • E. MOT 2016-6665 A motion awarding a three-year contract for $471,668.49 to Hoving Clean Sweep, LLC, West Chicago, IL, for street sweeping maintenance services
  • F. RES 2016-6691 A resolution authorizing an extension to the contract with Visu-Sewer of Illinois, LLC
  • G. MOT 2016-6692 A motion awarding a contract for $108,200 to J.A. Johnson Paving Company, Arlington Heights, IL, for 2016 street restorations and pavement patching services
  • H. RES 2016-6702 A resolution authorizing participation as a member in the Illiinois Emergency Management Mutual Aid System Response pursuant to an intergovernmental service agreement
  • I. MIN 2016-6696 Note receipt of minutes of Boards and Commissions
Active Agenda

First Reading
  • A. ORD 2016-6670 An ordinance authorizing a special use for 5521 Thatcher Road to permit a sports and physical training facility
  • B. ORD 2016-6671 An ordinance rezoning certain property located at 4935 Francisco Avenue
  • C. ORD 2016-6672 An ordinance rezoning certain property located at 4825 Cross Street
  • D. ORD 2016-6673 An ordinance rezoning certain property located at 4915 Drendel Road
  • E. RES 2016-6667 A resolution authorizing an interlocal contract for cooperative purchasing with Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • F. RES 2016-6668 A resolution authorizing an agreement with Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., Holden, Louisiana
  • G. MOT 2016-6681 A motion authorizing the purchase of replacement vehicles 

Mayor's Report
  • A. RES 2016-6703 A resolution appointing Zelina Johnson to the Plan Commission

Council Member New Business 
  • A.  MOT 2016-6695 A motion directing staff to prepare plans for the Jefferson Avenue reconstruction project
Manager's Report  

Council Responses (Published on Tuesday afternoon, prior to the Council meeting)

Thursday, March 3, 2016 

Liquor Commission - 6:30 p.m. - Council Chambers

Agenda Summary
  • Application Hearing:  The Olive Theory Pizzeria, 1400 A Butterfield Road, Class R-2
  • New Business:  Karma, 1211 A Butterfield Road (Operation/Floor Plan)