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September 4, 2011

September 6, 2011

Village Council Meeting - 7:00 p.m. - Council Chambers

Council Meeting Video

Council Agenda 09-06-11

Council Minutes 08-16-11

Comprehensive Plan Minutes 08-16-11

Long Range Financial Planning Minutes 08-23-11

Meetings Schedule

9-11 Presentation

Consent Agenda

  • A.  COR 00-04619 Claim Ordinance:  No. 5913, Payroll, August 12, 2011
  • B.  BIL 00-04620 List of Bills Payable:  No. 5916, September 6, 2011
  • C. MOT 00-04621  A motion awarding $86,800 to Martam Construction, Inc., Elgin, IL, for Lot A retaining wall rehabilitation (CIP P-012-11)
  • D. RES 00-04622 A resolution allowing participating in a State-wide joint purchasing agreement with Sprint Solutions, Inc.
  • E. RES 00-04623 A resolution submitting grant application for 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program for ambulance acquisition
  • F. RES 00-04624 A resolution submitting grant application for 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program for turnout gear acquisition
  • G. MOT 00-04542 A motion approving the FY11-12 budget for the Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation
  • H. RES 00-04626 A resolution submitting grant application to the Housing and Urban Development Department Community Planning Challenge  Grant
  • I. RES 00-04627 A resolution providing for the issuance of revenue bonds, Midwestern University, Series 2011 by the Industrial Development Authority of the City of Glendale, Arizona
  • J. MOT 00-04636 A motion noting receipt of minutes of Boards and Commissions

Active Agenda

First Reading

Mayor's Report

  • RES 00-04600 A resolution appointing and reappointing members to Boards and Commissions
  • RES 00-04635 A resolution appointing members to the Building Board of Appeals
  • REP 00-04637 ComEd Reliability Report and Town Hall Meeting Update
  • RES 00-04625 A resolution opposing ComEd Smart Grid Legislation

Manager's Report

Manager Report

Attorney's Report

Attorney Report

Council Member Reports and New Business

Council Responses

September 07, 2011

2012 Work Plan - 6:00 p.m. - Fire Station 2, 5420 Main Street 

Agenda Summary

  • High Priority Action Items 

September 08, 2011

Foreign Fire Fund - 8:00 a.m. - Fire Station 5, 6701 Main Street

Agenda Summary

  • Treasurer's Report:  General Fund; Widow's Fund
  • Old Business:  Outstanding purchase since last meeting; retirement gifts; heart scan; budget; Station #5 kitchen project
  • New Business:  Station requests for purchase; general requests for purchase

Liquor Commission - 6:30 p.m. - Council Chambers

Agenda Summary

  • Disciplinary Hearing:  La Mex, 500 W. 75th Street
  • Application Hearing:  Tropix, 1211 B Butterfield Road, Class E-3-C/O;
  • Old Business:  Serving Hour Extensions, BYOB, P-O-2 Amendment, Suspension Guidelines

Environmental Concerns Commission - 7:00 p.m. - Public Works Facility, 5101 Walnut

Agenda Summary

  • Staff Update
  • Green Business Recognition Program