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August 7, 2011

August 9, 2011

Village Council Meeting - 7:00 p.m. - Council Chambers

Council Agenda 08-09-11

Council Minutes 08-02-11

Meetings Schedule

Consent Agenda

  • A.  BIL 00-04590 List of Bills Payable:  No. 5916, August 9, 2011
  • B.  BID 00-04586 A bid awarding $438,292.50 to Martam Construction, Inc., Elgin, IL, for the Davis Street storm sewer improvements
  • C.  BID 00-04587 A bid awarding $304,765 to Martam Construction, Inc., Elgin, IL, for the Washington Street storm sewer replacement
  • D.  RES 00-04578 A resolution approving final plat of consolidation for 336 Ogden Avenue 
  • E.  RES 00-04579 A resolution approving final plat of subdivision for 226 6th Street 
  • F.  RES 00-04594 A resolution authorizing submittal of application to the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference for FY 2012 Surface Transportation Program (STP)
  • G.  MOT 00-04592 A motion noting receipt of minutes of Boards and Commissions

Active Agenda

  • A.  ORD 00-04580 An ordinance authorizing a special use for 333 Ogden Avenue to permit an automobile dealership
  • B.  RES 00-04589 A resolution abrogating a certain portion of a public easement in the Village of Downers Grove - 898 Ogden Avenue 
  • C.  RES 00-04582 A resolution approving the final plat of subdivision and accepting certain public easements for 898 Ogden Avenue
  • D.  ORD 00-04581 An ordinance authorizing a special use to permit a service station at 898 Ogden Avenue

First Reading

  • A.  ORD 00-04597 Ordinances annexing certain territories to the Village of Downers Grove, Illinois 
  • B.  ORD 00-04591 An ordinance authorizing a special use for 160 Ogden Avenue to permit a drive-through window
  • C.  ORD 00-04595 An ordinance authorizing final planned development amendment to Planned Development #31 for additions to the existing parking garage and the construction of a new six-level parking garage
  • D.  ORD 00-04596 An ordinance amending liquor serving hours
  • E.  RES 00-04593 A resolution amending the Downtown Special Service Area Operations Agreement with Downtown Downers Grove, Inc.

Manager's Report

Manager Report

Attorney's Report

Attorney Report

Council Responses

August 10, 2011

Transportation and Parking Commission - 7:00 p.m. - Council Chambers

Agenda Summary

  • File #08-11 Downtown Parking Study - Preliminary Report

August 11, 2011

Environmental Concerns Commission - Cancelled