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February 27, 2011

February 28, 2011

Plan Commission - 7:00 p.m. - Council Chambers

Agenda Summary

  • PC-06-11 A petition seeking approval of a Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment to rezone the property from DT, Downtown Transition to DB, Downtown Business.  The property is located on the south side of Grove Street approximately 220 feet west of Main Street and is commonly known as 1035 Grove Street, Downers Grove, Illinois (PIN 09-08-310-002); First United Methodist Church, Owner; Dale and Deborah Faber, Petitioners.
  • PC-07-11 A petition seeking final plat of subdivision approval to consolidate two existing parcels into one lot for the property located on the south side of Grant Street, approximately 235 feet west of Fairview Avenue, commonly known as 421 Grant Street, Downers Grove, IL (PINs 09-05-419-007, -008); Jennifer and David Leckie, Petitioners and Owners.
  • PC-08-11 A petition seeking special use approval with variations for a bank with a drive-through window.  The property is located at the northeast corner of Main and 63rd Streets, commonly known as 6241 Main Street, Downers Grove, Illinois (PINs 09-17-315-002, 021); Bradford Equities LLC, Owner; Bill Shank, Bradford Real Estate, Peitioner. 

March 1, 2011

Village Council Meeting - 7:00 p.m. - Council Chambers

Council Agenda 03-01-11

Council Minutes 02-15-11

Meetings Schedule

MOT 00-04426 A motion to permit electronic attendance

Consent Agenda

  • A.  COR 00-04429 Claim Ordinance:  No. 5887, Payroll, February 11, 2011
  • B.  BIL 00-04430 List of Bills Payable:  No. 5884, March 1, 2011
  • C.  MOT 00-04434 A motion awarding $60,187.35 to Engineering Resource Associates, Inc., Warrenville, IL, for design of the Valley View Estates reconstruction and water main replacement
  • D.  RES 00-04435 A resolution for maintenance of streets and highways by municipality under the Illinois Highway Code
  • E.  MOT 00-04436 A motion awarding $53,320.00 to Total Parking Solutions, Inc., Downers Grove, IL, for purchase of four replacement multi-space parking pay terminals
  • F.  MOT 00-04433 A motion noting receipt of minutes of Boards and Commissions

Active Agenda

  • A.  RES 00-04428 A resolution authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with the County of DuPage for emergency telephone dispatch system services
  • B.  RES 00-04424 A resolution authorizing a redevelopment/sales tax rebate agreement with Packey Webb Ford, LP
  • C.  ORD 00-04423 An ordinance authorizing a second extension of a final planned development amendment for Planned Development #31 for the construction of a two-story office building at 3300 Woodcreek Drive
  • D.  ORD 00-04422 An ordinance amending Class P-O-2 license provisions
  • E.  ORD 00-04427 An ordinance amending liquor sales hours

First Reading

  • A.  ORD 00-04432 An ordinance authorizing the second extension of a planned development amendment to Planned Development #9 and authorizing the extension of the special uses for 1200 75th Street to March 3, 2012 (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • B.  MOT 00-04437 A motion awarding $269,219.00 to J.F. New & Associates, Inc., Monee, IL, for streambank stabilization on areas of St. Joseph Creek North Branch

Manager's Report 

Attorney's Report

March 2, 2011

Human Service Commission - 6:30 p.m. - Committee Room

Agenda Summary

  • Discussion of social service question
  • Discussion of TCD3 primary recommendation

March 3, 2011

Liquor Commission - 6:30 p.m. - Council Chambers

Agenda Summary

  • Disciplinary Hearings:  Ballydoyle, 5157 Main Street; Roundheads, 2001 W. 63rd; Another Round, 5141 Main Street